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Vital for Life

At Summa Health, we pride ourselves on improving the overall health of our community. This mission is accomplished through exceptional care, one patient at a time. One way we have celebrated our achievements is through our multimedia advertising campaign.

“Vital for Life” tells real people’s experiences, using their own voices. The campaign features a variety of heartwarming stories from across different service lines and local communities. These compelling stories are authentic, moving, and ultimately, life-affirming. They demonstrate the importance that Summa Health played in their recovery and that Summa Health has the ability to transform and save lives. Because that is what we do… we help families stay together… we provide care that never quits… we create a healthier community.

Arnold flexing

Vital for a Healthier Community

Our primary care team includes more than 300 providers throughout the region, with one near you.

Henry and wife hugging

Vital for Heart Care That Never Quits

Summa Health is one of America’s top 50 cardiovascular hospitals.

Orly placing his hand on son's shoulder

Vital for Keeping Families Together

Summa Health is a five-star recipient for cranial surgery.

Lynn's interview

Vital for Healthy Lungs

Our award-winning pulmonary team treats diseases that affect the lungs, from respiratory conditions to sleep-disordered breathing and lung cancer.

John up to bat

Vital for All of Life’s Curveballs

Our orthopedic specialists offer advanced orthopedic care, including surgical and nonsurgical options.

Frank's reflection in windows

Vital for Men’s Health

Summa Health’s urologists are committed to helping men take better care of their health, from gaining a better understanding of risk factors to guiding them toward a better overall well-being.

Mike in front of fire engine

Vital for Cancer Care

Our cancer care team treats more than 100 types of cancer.

Hayley headshot

Vital for Treating Pelvic Pain

We take a coordinated team approach to treating pelvic pain disorders.

Kandice smiling

Vital for Feeling Like Yourself Again

Summa Health offers Akron’s most comprehensive weight management program.


Video 1

Vital for Getting Your Life Back

Summa Health’s expert specialists and care close to home helped John, Kandice and Orly get their lives back. 
Video 2

Vital for Doing What You Love

Summa Health’s expert specialists and care close to home helped Frank, Lynn and Henry get back to doing what they love.

Video 3

Vital for Pursuing Your Passion

Summa Health’s expert specialists and care close to home helped Hayley, Mike and Arnold get back to pursuing their passions. 


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