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Vital for getting you back in the game

“Summa changed my life. They were the team that got me back to mine.”


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John and doctor smiling

Meet John

John has played baseball since he was five years old. It means everything to him. The comradery. The teamwork. The fellowship. 

However, over the years, John began to suffer from chronic hip pain. It hindered his life and, especially, his ability on the baseball field. John’s hip got so bad that he needed injections to play and his teammates had to lace up his cleats.

One of his teammates, the catcher, saw him struggling and offered to help. "Why don't you come see us,'" John recalls Scott Weiner saying. "What do you mean, ‘see you’?" John replied. To his knowledge, Weiner was just another guy on the team.

It turns out that his teammate was actually Dr. Scott Weiner, chair of the Summa Health Orthopedic Institute. Dr. Weiner referred John to Dr. Kiel Pfefferle, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a clinical focus on hip and knee replacement. Dr. Pfefferle successfully replaced John's hip – and soon became just as much of a trusted teammate as Dr. Weiner.

After a morning hip surgery, John was home that night. Three days later, he walked a mile. Five days later, he was out cutting grass with a push mower. “[The Summa team] didn’t like that much,” laughs John. 

Now John has a second wind. He is having fun at baseball again – rounding the bases on a new hip. “Ball players, we all complain about our aches and pains. Fortunately, I complained about it to the right guy.”

Learn More About Our Orthopedic Services

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