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Vital for Weight Management

Our comprehensive team of weight management specialists offers surgical and nonsurgical solutions to help you successfully manage your weight.

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Summa Health Weight Management Institute 

The Summa Health Weight Management Institute has been helping people lose weight since 2004. Since our inception, we have promoted a physician-driven, team-based approach to weight loss.

There are numerous “quick fixes” on the market, none of which results in long-term significant weight loss. While it is appealing to think of taking a pill to miraculously and effortlessly melt away the pounds, the reality is that it takes hard work and time to undo the eating behaviors and choices that lead to obesity.

A Weight Loss Option for Everyone

The Summa Health Weight Management Institute offers many options for weight loss. We understand that readiness to lose weight varies from one patient to the next, so we offer a continuum of services starting with lower intensity options with a dietitian, and then including behavioral, nonsurgical and surgical options. All of our higher intensity services are designed to take place with a physician or behavioral specialist to make sure you get the level of care that you need.

Surgical and Nonsurgical Weight Loss Options

Our nonsurgical and surgical services are considered to be medically supervised weight loss options because your primary provider is a physician or surgeon. Depending upon the degree of your obesity and the level of knowledge you have regarding the options for addressing it, we can help you decide which of our weight management programs best fits your needs.

All patients of the Summa Health Weight Management Institute experience a clinician-driven solution, with the assistance of our team of registered dietitians, clinical psychologists, clinical exercise specialists, physicians and surgeons. We believe that patients struggling with excess weight, whether in the early (pre-obese) or late stages of the disease, require a multidisciplinary solution.

The reasons for obesity are many and varied, and as such require a personalized solution and life-long support. We work with each individual to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Vital for Gaining a Healthier Life

Kandice had tried everything to lose weight. Diet…exercise. Nothing changed. Her doctor recommended weight loss surgery at Summa Health. Now, Kandice feels amazing. She even went to a family wedding…and no one recognized her. That felt pretty amazing, too. 

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Studies have shown that the higher your BMI is, the higher your risk for certain conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, GERD and more. 

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