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Stephen Rininger, Pain Management Patient

After years of suffering, every day is now a good day thanks to Summa

Stephen Rininger


Stephen: I was born with severe scoliosis and had pain throughout my entire life. At times, the pain was so crippling I could hardly breathe. After years of suffering, I finally found the medical care I needed from Summa.

I found the best family doctor I could ever have hoped to find in Dr. Donald Albainy. And when it comes to pain management, I found the perfect doctor in Dr. Aisha Rahman. She basically saved my life. First of all, she got me off of all of these heavy narcotics and did surgery to put a pain pump and a catheter in my spine.

And now I'm clearheaded instead of being in a drug-induced fog. And Dr. Rahman and Dr. Albainy together have given me my life back and every day's a good day because of what they've done for me.


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