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Pain Management

We tailor our approaches to the patient, from minimally invasive interventional techniques to opioid-sparing pain management.

Pain Management Services

Pain Management

Chronic pain has a tremendous impact on your health, your work and your relationships. When you are suffering from chronic pain, you become less active and it can affect your sleep. The anxiety, stress and depression from the pain makes it even worse.

The Summa Health Pain Management team provides comprehensive pain management services using the latest innovations in pain treatment. Summa Pain Management has a staff of specialists that can help you manage pain using traditional and non-traditional pain remedies and treatments – from effective drugs to implants, electrical stimulation, injections, and radiofrequency.

Our pain management specialists use a comprehensive, team-based approach to work closely with you to identify the cause of your pain and then develop an individualized treatment plan which might include injections, medical procedures, behavioral health, physical therapy or appropriate diet recommendations and education in addition to appropriate medications. The goal is to manage your pain, and to keep you active and healthy.

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