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Brian Nank, COPD/Pulmonary Patient

Happy to breathe, play with his grandkids and one day hike the Grand Canyon

Brian Nank


Brian: Had a terrible time breathing, walking up stairs, tying shoes. I knew I couldn't erase all those years of smoking, but I knew I could do something. I went to my primary care doctor. He referred me to Dr. Bauman at Summa Health.

Dr. Bauman ran a series of tests, all kinds of tests, and came to the conclusion it was COPD. Gave me a medication that was suited to me, and I could immediately see its effects. Dr. Bauman also referred me to Dr. Wells in weight management. I just love that guy. And with his guidance, I've lost 35 pounds.

I owe it to the Summa Health System. That's really done a lot for me, and no doubt in my mind, has helped extend my life. I'm just happy now. I can breathe. I can tie my shoes, but I can better than that, I can play with my grandkids. My wife and I can hike. And who knows? One day, maybe the Grand Canyon.


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