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Denise Pelima, Pulmonary/Lung Nodule Clinic Patient

Lung nodule discovered on a CAT scan taken after a car accident

Denise Pelima


Denise: I was involved in a car accident and was brought to Summa Health Emergency Room for evaluation. During that evaluation, a CAT scan revealed I had a nodule on my lung. I was referred to Dr. Bauman who did a biopsy and revealed that I had pre-cancerous cells on my lungs.

Dr. Bauman was like sitting down and talking with a neighbor. And I just sensed that he was such an expert in his field. He referred me to a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Aziken, and had the lesion removed from my lung.

They caught it before it was invasive, and now I am cancer free. And now I'm part of the Lung Nodule Clinic, and they will be monitoring me for years to come. And I feel safe and worry free. And I have so many years left to enjoy with my family. I am extremely thankful.


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