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Ron Vickers, Pulmonary Patient

Enjoying life after receiving award-winning care at the Lung Nodule Clinic.

Ron Vickers


Ron: I had emphysema, so I was going to the lung nodule clinic at Summa. During one of my routine visits, Dr. Tsivitse discovered that a spot on my lung. A biopsy determined that I had stage one lung cancer.

They removed the lower lobe of my right lung. The doctors they said "no more cancer". They got it all. That team of doctors and nurses, they treated me exceptionally. I have never been treated that well in a hospital before.

Now, I get to spent time with my family, I get to enjoy my grandkids, I get to enjoy my dog, my patio, so life is great. Life is great.

My advice to everyone is: get your screenings, so you can know exactly what's going on inside your body.


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