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Scott Colson, Pulmonary/COPD Patient

Breathing easier with the help of Summa Health Pulmonary

Scott Colson


Scott: For several years, I had episodes where I just couldn't breathe. It was all I could do to get any kind of breath. And after doing testing, I ended up in Dr. Brian Bauman's office.

He came up with a diagnosis that I had COPD. He put me on some different medications, in addition, his team is treating me for eosinophilic asthma and gives me an injection every eight weeks.

After starting this injection, my life has changed for the best. I umpire girls fast-pitch softball. One of my greatest hobbies for the last 25 years. Now I'm back to doing it again. If I would not have been at Summa, I definitely wouldn't be umpiring, I wouldn't be doing anything with my grandkids, probably wouldn't be alive today. It would've been three strikes and out. All my gratitude to Summa Hospital, Brian Bauman, his nurse practitioners and nurses.


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