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Curriculum and Schedule

Fellow Conferences

Noon Conference

Didactic fellow noon conferences are given every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00-1:00 pm. Fellows are exempt from clinical duties during this time. Fellow noon conferences cover topics related to the ACC recommended curriculum. The goal of these conferences is to prepare fellows for both the cardiology board examinations and for clinical practice. These interactive lectures are given by our core faculty members and are specifically for fellows. The outline below represents our core curriculum which is completed each year.

Friday Conference

Friday morning conferences are attended by all staff cardiologists and CME credits are provided. Friday morning conference are created based on the following mission

  • Education: We want to keep the SHHVI up to date on important issues in cardiovascular care. This has been a great source of quality CME.
  • Fellowship/morale: We want to continue to expand our culture of collaboration. We want all of the SHHVI members to know each other and have a spirit of collegiality.
  • Quality: We want to review our outcomes on a regular basis and always seek to improve our care.

Friday conferences are structured as below:

  • Week 1: Fellows present a topic of their choice with an attending mentor in a grand rounds format. It is equally divided among the 12 fellows yearly.
  • Week 2: Grand Rounds. Topics presented by attending outside/inside speakers.
  • Week 3: Clinical Performance Improvement (CPI) Committee are quality-like presentations related to outcomes, new initiatives, new procedures, etc. This rotates among the 6 quality improvement committees including Heart Failure, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Electrophysiology, Imaging, Interventional/Structural, and Peripheral Vascular Disease.
  • Week 4: SHHVI Morbidity and Mortality Conference. Cases are selected by our Chief Fellows and attendings.
  • Week 5: (four per year) Reports from National Meetings such as ACC, AHA, Heart Rhythm Society, Society of Thoracic Surgeons, Society of Vascular Surgery/Medicine.

Fellow Schedule:

Fellows are not on call during any rotations as we have instituted a two-week block night float system that begins at 6:00PM and ends at 6:30AM the following day. First year fellows have four 2-week blocks, second year fellows have two 2-week blocks and third year fellows have one 2-week block. Fellows have three nights off during this two-week block, which are covered by fellows on other rotations.

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