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Jean & Milton Cooper Pavilion

161 North Forge St
Akron, OH 44304

Accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, the Jean and Milton Cooper Pavilion has one goal in mind – offer all of our cancer care programs in one place to minimize your travel and increase your familiarity and comfort with our facility and team.

This free-standing outpatient cancer center offers the following services all at our Akron, Ohio location:

  • Outpatient infusion services
  • Medical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Gynecological Oncology
  • Patient support services, including our Renewal Nook, patient navigators, financial navigators, nutritional support, integrative therapy, social work, psychological support and more
  • Additional specialty and services next door at our hospital facility, including imaging, breast health services, head & neck care, lung care, urological care, surgical services and more


I didn’t get a ticket when I pulled into the surface level parking next to the building. How will I exit the parking lot?
Patients and families are given free parking while at the Cancer Center and no tickets are issued. When you’re ready to exit, simply push in the two-digit code on the keypad that was given to you in the office you visited. The code changes on a weekly basis.

I’m scheduled to start treatment soon. How long will I be at the Cancer Center on my first day?
Our physicians, nurses, and healthcare staff are here to help you feel comfortable and to inform you and your family regarding your upcoming treatment. Our building is an outpatient facility which means that there are no overnight stays at the Summa Health Jean & Milton Cooper Pavilion. Prior to your first treatment, a member of our clinical staff will help you understand the treatment you’ll receive, potential side effects, and what to expect the first day. If you have questions prior to your appointment, please call the office you’ll be visiting and they’ll be happy to assist you. 

Is it safe to drive myself to my treatment?
All patients are advised to discuss driving with their nurse or physician prior to their first course of treatment. Many radiation patients find that they are able to drive as tolerated. However, some chemotherapy patients are more comfortable with having a ride available. After discussing the issue of driving with your healthcare team, talk with your family and friends regarding their availability should you need future assistance.

I have a test scheduled in the morning. Am I allowed to eat breakfast?
Eating prior to a test greatly depends on the test that you’re having done. Patients receiving a PET scan are NOT to eat prior to testing. If you have questions or concerns, please consult a nurse of the department that made the order. If you have questions specific to a PET scan, please call 330.375.3081.

Am I allowed to bring someone to my appointment?
Loved ones are welcome to accompany you to your appointment. If your appointment is in the Infusion Suite, there is space for up to two visitors at a time in your treatment area. Visitors of patients receiving radiation therapy, rehabilitation, or counseling services are welcome to wait in their respective lobbies. Complimentary coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are available to visitors.

Do you have any food venues in the Cancer Center?
Hospital restaurants include a Subway (located in 95 Arch Street) and Virtues (located in the Critical Care Center). Both are a short 5-10 minute walk from the Cancer Center. 

Are children permitted in the Cancer Center?
Children are permitted in the Cancer Center with direct supervision. Policies at the Cancer Center are those of Summa Health System – Akron Campus and as flu seasons come and go, visitation policies may change to protect our patients. Please remember that many guests of our facility have compromised immune systems and can become ill more easily from germs than the general public. If your child or grandchild displays cold-like signs or symptoms, or if you are in doubt about their health, please find other arrangements.

My family needs assistance with community resources. Who can I contact?
Susan Popovici, LISW, outpatient oncology social worker, is available to help your family with a variety of concerns including Medicaid, transportation options, and financial assistance. To schedule an appointment, call Susan directly at 330.375.4895.

Who do I contact if I have questions about scheduling an appointment or changing an appointment that is already scheduled?
Please use the following numbers for scheduling questions or cancellations:
Summit Oncology: 330.376.1043
Outpatient Oncology/Infusion Center: 330.375.6111
Radiation Oncology: For an appointment with a physician, dial 330.375.3557
Oncology Rehabilitation: 330.375.7282
Counseling Services:

I have questions about my billing and financial coverage. Who can help me?
We offer financial counselors in our Infusion Suite (Ste. 194) and in Radiation Oncology (Ste. G-90) that are happy to help you understand your coverage in those offices. Summit Oncology patients may call Matrix Patient Billing at 330.470.3700. If you have questions regarding potential co-pays or coverage for our Oncology Rehabilitation office, speak with their front desk staff at 330.375.7282 prior to starting therapy.

Do you have a support group?
Yes, we offer a support group the last Wednesday of every month between noon and 1:30 pm. Patients, family members, friends, and long-term survivors are welcome. The group is facilitated by our outpatient oncology social worker, has no pre-set agenda, and may discuss any cancer or treatment type. Additionally, lunch is provided to each participant.

Are any free programs offered at the Cancer Center?
We offer a number of free programs covering a variety of issues on a monthly basis. Some programs are sponsored by the American Cancer Society while others are taught by members of our staff. Take a look at the back of our most recent flyers for dates, times, and program titles. You can also call Sally Wolfe, Service Ambassador, Oncology Education Library, at 330.375.7280 to learn more about upcoming programs or to register for current classes.

I’m having a tough time knowing what to eat both during and after treatment. Do you have any nutritional counseling available?
Yes, our services include access to a registered dietitian for free consultations and follow-ups. Common concerns include weight loss or gain, a change in appetite, taste changes, fatigue while preparing meals, and questions about meal preparation. To schedule a free appointment, call 330.375.6111 and be prepared to tell the scheduler your main dietary concern. These questions are meant to help prepare our dietitian for your appointment to make the most out of your time. Note: Radiation therapy patients that are experiencing difficulty swallowing are strongly encouraged to speak with a radiation nurse prior to making an appointment.

My loved one has several different physicians and offices as part of their treatment. Is there one specific point person that can help us navigate cancer care?
Care coordination is a priority at the Summa Center for Cancer Care. The Summa Health Jean & Milton Cooper Pavilion offers nurse care coordinators for patients with breast, colorectal, and lung cancers. For more information about how care coordination can help you or your loved one that has been diagnosed with one of these cancers, call the Cancer Research office at 330.375.6364.

I recently started treatment and have concerns about losing my hair. Do you have wigs or hats available at the Cancer Center?
Losing one’s hair can be a specifically challenging side effect of cancer treatment. We offer free knit hats to men and women that have experienced hair loss at the ground floor lobby reception desk. Women in active treatment are encouraged to consider attending a Look Good…Feel Better class, offered the last Tuesday of every month, if they have concerns about the appearance-related side effects of treatment. This helpful program is taught by a licensed cosmetologist and is sponsored through the American Cancer Society. More information and hair loss resources are available in the Library or you can call 330.375.7280 for help over the phone.

My family has a lot of questions for our healthcare team but we’re not quite sure where to start and I’m in need of a place to keep good notes. Do you have any lists of questions for my doctors or planners I can use to keep organized?
We offer a number of resources from respected cancer-affiliated organizations such as the American Cancer Society. Visit the ground floor reception desk for free organizers and bags for your materials.

I’m interested in reading more about a specific diagnosis and treatment. Where can I find additional information?
The Susan Deveny Pavloff Cancer Resource Library, located on the ground floor, offers hundreds of books, booklets, CDs, and DVDs available free or for loan. Complimentary copying, faxing, phone use, and internet use is also available. The Library is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

My loved one has difficulty walking. Do you have wheelchairs available?
Wheelchairs are available directly inside the main entrance and to your left.

I’m noticing a decrease in my energy even though my treatment for cancer has ended. What options do I have?
The Cancer Center is home to the area’s only oncology-specific rehabilitation center and it’s located on our first floor. Ask your physician about how physical or occupational therapy can help you regain strength and energy. To learn more about how rehabilitation services can benefit you, please call 330.375.7282.

I’m interested in using my laptop at the Cancer Center. Is there a way to access the internet?
Guests of the Cancer Center are welcome to log-in to the SummaGuest wireless network as provided by Summa Health System. Simply browse available wireless networks, choose “SummaGuest,” and open a new web page. After accepting the terms of service, you’ll be able to navigate the web. If you experience difficulty accessing the internet, stop at the ground floor reception desk in the main lobby.

Do you have a lost and found?
Items found at the Cancer Center are placed in a secure area for the period of one week. Articles can be claimed by visiting the ground floor reception desk in the lobby. After one week, all items are taken to the Hospital’s central lost and found located in Protective Services on the ground floor.

I’m transported to the Center by the SCAT bus. Do you have a way for me to call for a return pick-up?
Free local calls can be placed using the phone in the main lobby at the reception desk. An additional phone is available in the Library. Often times, a representative from your department will make the phone call for you. If you’re unsure if a call has been placed, ask your nurse or therapist.

Is there a way to get from the Cancer Center to the other professional buildings and/or the Hospital?
Yes, there is a bridge on the second floor of the Cancer Center that will connect you to 95 Arch Street which will in turn provide an avenue to Summa Health System – Akron Campus.

I’m interested in volunteering at the Cancer Center. What steps should I take?
Volunteers of the Summa Health Jean & Milton Cooper Pavilion are valued members of our team. All potential volunteers are encouraged to call Summa Health System – Akron Campus' Volunteer Department at 330.375.3247. Representatives would be happy to discuss placement options throughout the campus.

I would like to make a donation to the Cancer Center. What should I do?
Goods and financial donations are greatly appreciated. We are currently accepting new, never-worn hats and books. If you would like to assist with donating these items, please contact Sally Wolfe at 330.375.7280. We encourage those interested in making a financial donation to contact the Summa Foundation at 330.375.3159.


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.