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Erectile Dysfunction

Affecting as many as 30 million men, erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection that's firm enough for sex. It occurs when a health issue limits blood flow or damage nerves in the penis.

What are the Symptoms of ED?

ED may be present if you experience the following symptoms more than half of the time:

  • Persistent trouble getting an erection
  • Ongoing difficulty keeping an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire

In addition to causing low self-esteem, performance anxiety, depression and stress, ED can be an early warning of a more serious illness.

How is ED Diagnosed?

If you're concerned about erectile dysfunction, don't be too embarrassed to talk to your doctor. In addition to discussing your general health and the history of your erection problem, your doctor may give you a physical exam that includes:

• Lab tests

• Blood pressure, penis and testicles check

• Rectal exam to check your prostate

These tests are not painful and may provide useful information about the cause of your ED. But being open and host with your health providers will also allow your Summa Health urologist to find the best treatment choices for you.


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.