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Summa Flourish_Women's Health Blog

Summa Health Flourish™

A Women’s Health Blog from Summa Health System

In 2010, Dr. Vivian von Gruenigen, department chair of obstetrics and gynecology and system medical director for women’s health at Summa Health System, posted her first blog to

Summa Health Flourish™ was created to not only provide readers with valuable health and wellness information from the experts at Summa, but to also create a forum for readers to share stories and learn from each others’ experiences.

The blog has covered a range of topics of importance to women including pregnancy, sexual health, menopause, cancer prevention and screenings, and parenting with the goal was to engage women in health education and conversation.

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"The Flourishing Woman" eBook

Topics of interest for every woman

Containing a full assortment of topical news and research on healthcare for women, the eBook is available for Apple iPad for $4.99 through the iBooks Store. The proceeds benefit women’s programs for the Summa Health System.  

“The Flourishing Woman” eBook has a forward (including a video) with educational and fun chapters such as “A Women’s Body is her Temple” and “Our Lovely Lady Lumps”, as well as sensitive and serious chapters like “A “C” of Confusion – Cancer” and “Does Anyone Else Feel Like This?”

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