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Patient Stories


Autumn and Yukime Winter

Pride Clinic Patients

For Yukime and Autumn, the Summa Health Pride Clinic is an oasis where they receive competent, compassionate and comprehensive gender-affirming care.


Kace Walker

Pride Clinic Patient

After suffering from endometriosis for years, Kace received quality care and now feels great and looks forward to more days with no pain.


Erin Schermesser (She/Her)

Pride Clinic Patient

Thanks the Pride Clinic for helping her be the person she is


Jason Steadman

Pride Clinic Patient

Excited to live his life as the person he truly is



I have been to three different doctors in the past six months. I had a very difficult time finding a doctor who treated me as a human and shown a willingness to listen. I sought out a doctor who would not treat me in the homophobic manner other doctors have shown and Dr. Hamler has exceeded expectations by showing a genuine interest in his patients and an evident effort to connect.

– Anonymous

I just moved to Ohio from another state and was pleasantly surprised to discover the Summa Pride Clinic. This was my first visit and felt very welcome all-around. I hope that in the future there will be a woman on staff - very important for this community (nothing against *Dr. Scott - he was great!)

– Anonymous

First of all, I just want to say the ENTIRE STAFF AT THE PRIDE CLINIC IS OVER-THE-TOP AMAZING!! :)  Every single person I came in contact with was incredible, friendly, caring, personable, and I just couldn't be happier with everything they did for me.
Ashleigh (I think is how you spell it) kicked off my appointment with the best attitude and I couldn't help but feel better about my day after she got me situated! I can only imagine she had a smile under her mask the whole time and needless to say it was infectious :D
Dr. Hamler was fantastic as always. He talks WITH me and not just TO me. He listens to my needs/concerns - and in return he talks about treatment and options in a way that I can understand. We covered a lot of topics I feel like and all along the way he was engaged with me and I never felt like the conversation was rushed so he can move on to the next person. Bottom line, he's a fantastic doctor and I'd strongly recommend him to anyone in the Akron area.
Pam knocked it out of the park with her tutorial she gave me for switching to E shots. She was very thorough and explained perfectly the differences with these shots opposed to the insulin shots I already take. And again, talk about a friendly and patient person! She was fantastic and her demonstration covered all my questions. And the fact that I received supplies (all the appropriate needles I would need, alcohol wipes, etc.) to help me get started with my shots at no extra cost is a testament to how much this office cares about their patients and their well-being.  
Last but not least, Carson continues to be an incredible human being. I came into the appointment prepped with what to expect after he called me in advance to talk about my labs and we also shared a couple messages through MyChart. And after my appointment was done he provided me with some helpful information as a follow-up to part of my discussion during my appointment. He is always willing to help in any way he can and I appreciate everything he does!
I think that covers it. I should also mention that all of these individuals did such an amazing job on a Monday morning so kudos to them for starting off the week with a lot better of an attitude than I normally do.
Seriously, it's an incredible team you have here and I hope they get the recognition they deserve. Keep being awesome!!

- Erin S.

Pride Clinic Location

Located within the Summa Health Chapel Hill Medical Center.

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The Summa Health Pride Clinic is committed to caring for everyone – regardless of gender identity or orientation.


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If your situation is an emergency, call 911.