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Prepare for your First Appointment

For your first appointment, you should plan on being with us for about an hour. We will assess your wound(s) and general health, as well as review your medical history. The assessment will take place in a private room where you can be assured of confidentiality. It is suggested you wear loose-fitting clothing around the area where your wound is located for. During the assessment, the nurse will note any past medical history and will discuss the history of your wound with you along with any previous care you have received. In addition to the assessment, a blood test may be required and you may need special tests that give us information about blood flow and oxygen flow in the wound area.

Your personalized wound care healing program will then be developed. When your test results are in, you will be provided with a treatment program based on your individual needs. This program will include regular visits to Summa to:

  • Provide treatment
  • Evaluate progress
  • Make any adjustments that may be needed

You will be given detailed instructions regarding home care, dressing (bandage) changes and protecting the wound from further injury. Much of your success will depend on you. Summa will provide the needed education and instructions on how to care for your wound at home between visits. We count on you to follow these directions and to watch your progress so that if your wound worsens, we can adjust the program to fit your needs.

Caring for Cuts & Scrapes


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.