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Female Pelvic Floor Health Quiz

Don't suffer in silence. Take our 5 minute pelvic health quiz to help determine if you have a pelvic floor disorder and determine the appropriate next steps. You can then download your personal results and schedule an appointment with a Summa urogynecologist.

  • Do you leak urine when you cough, laugh or sneeze?
  • Do you feel a strong urge to urinate and sometimes can't get to the bathroom in time?
  • Do you feel a bulge, protrusion or pressure in your vagina?
  • Do you have unpredictable and uncontrollable bowel leakage?

Spend a few minutes with the following quiz to help you understand if a pelvic floor condition exists.

Before You Begin

I understand and agree that (1) my use of the Pelvic Health Assessment is voluntary and does not create a patient-provider relationship; (2) the use of the Pelvic Health Assessment is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis but is for informational purposes only; (3) my information may be reviewed by Summa Health and Summa Health may follow up with me based on the results of my assessment; (4) Summa Health may market services to me based on the results of my assessment; and (5) I have no expectation that Summa Health or its providers will follow up with me to recommend medical care and that if I believe care is necessary that I must call to schedule an appointment with a provider.

I Accept

Uterine or Vaginal Prolapse

Do you usually experience pressure in the lower abdomen?
Do you usually experience heaviness or dullness in the pelvic area?
Do you usually have a bulge or something falling out that you can see or feel in the vaginal area?
Do you usually have to push on the vagina or around the rectum to have a complete bowel movement?
Do you usually experience a feeling of incomplete bladder emptying?
Do you ever have to push up on a bulge in the vaginal area with your fingers to start or complete urination?

Bowel Function

Do you feel you need to strain too hard to have a bowel movement?
Do you feel you have not completely emptied your bowels at the end of a bowel movement?
Do you usually lose stool beyond your control if your stool is well formed?
Do you usually lose stool beyond your control if your stool is loose or liquid?
Do you usually lose gas from the rectum beyond your control?
Do you usually have pain when you pass your stool?
Do you experience a strong sense of urgency and have to rush to the bathroom to have a bowel movement?
Does a part of your bowel ever pass through the rectum and bulge outside during or after a bowel movement?

Bladder Function

Do you usually experience frequent urination?
Do you usually experience urine leakage associated with a feeling of urgency; that is, a strong sensation of needing to go to the bathroom?
Do you usually experience urine leakage related to coughing, sneezing or laughing?
Do you usually experience small amounts of urine leakage (that is, drops)?
Do you usually experience difficulty emptying your bladder?
Do you usually experience pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen or genital region?

Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.