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Corporate Compliance

The Corporate Compliance program was developed to ensure we are compliant with required regulations. The Code of Conduct, a Code of Business Ethics, is applicable for the following entities:

  • Summa Health System – Akron Campus
  • Summa Health System – Barberton Campus
  • Summa Health Wadsworth–Rittman Medical Center
  • Summa Health Medical Group
  • NewHealth Collaborative, Summa's Accountable Care Organization

Summa Health System is committed to promoting strong business ethics and accountability and is focused on corporate compliance. Corporate compliance is being knowledgeable of, responsible for, and adhering to laws and regulations. This includes regulations governing federal and state healthcare programs, fraud and abuse matters, ethics, privacy and security requirement and corporate governance.

The Summa Health System Code of Conduct reflects our basic principles and policies of conduct. Although this document does not include coverage of all existing policies and procedures, it provides guidelines for acceptable behavior with respect to Summa Health System’s patients, customers, physicians, third party payors, suppliers, competitors, employees, and community.

Read the Summa Health System Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Corporate Compliance department. You can contact the Compliance Hotline online or by calling the compliance hotline at 800.421.0925.


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