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Guidelines for selecting art for Summa Health

Following are some guidelines for considering whether a work of art is appropriate for display at Summa Health. The Curator will make the final determination in all questions of suitability for the healing arts environment.

Generally appropriate

  • Works which have been or will be created by artists with an Ohio, particularly Northeast Ohio, connection, through birth, education, and/or residence.
  • Works which are consonant with the Summa Health System Healing Arts Vision: To create a healthcare environment that surrounds and connects patients, staff and visitors with the healing powers of the arts.
  • Works which engage the beholder through subject matter, complexity, color, composition, form, technical attainment, scale, and/or perspective.
  • Works which create a specific mood of contemplation, rest and/or exploration.
  • Works which can be safely presented and maintained in a hospital environment.

Generally inappropriate

  • Works with harsh colors or color combinations; color red when it suggests blood or gore.
  • Works with clashing, jagged formal elements suggesting unresolved conflict.
  • Works which appear to threaten physically or intimidate in size, scale, material, or other feature.
  • Works with violent and/or morbid subject matter; works which insult or degrade any particular group of individuals or peoples; works which can cause distress or upset to patients, family, staff, or visitors in a hospital setting (for example works containing nudity or works with religious or political subject matter).

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Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.