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Performing Arts guidelines for public spaces at Summa Health

The following guidelines set the standard for live, virtual, or digital public performances at Summa Health. Healing Arts Leadership will make the final determination in all approved performances.

Generally Appropriate

  • Performances created by artists and/or performed by groups with an Ohio, particularly Northeast Ohio, connection, through birth, education, and/or residence. 
  • Performances which are consistent with the Healing Arts Program Vision: To create a healthcare environment that surrounds and connects patients, staff, and visitors with the healing powers of the arts.
  • Performances which create a specific mood of contemplation, rest and/or serenity.
  • Performances which can be safely presented and maintained in a hospital environment.
  • Performances must be approved by Healing Arts and/or Summa Health Leadership.

Generally Inappropriate

  • Performances featuring loud, discordant, and/or harsh tones.
  • Performances depicting conflict, even if said conflict is resolved in a pleasing manner.
  • Performances which appear to threaten or intimidate.
  • Performances with violent and/or morbid subject matter; works which may offend any group of individuals or peoples; works which can cause distress or upset to patients, family, staff, or visitors in a hospital setting.
  • Performances which are presented merely to preview or solicit sales to an upcoming performance elsewhere.
  • Performances which require extensive setup of equipment or staging which will be disturbing to the hospital environment.

Performance Attire

  • Performance attire should be clean and professional. Traditional performance attire (all black, tuxedos, etc.) is not required.
  • Please avoid articles of clothing with logos/statements that may be considered controversial, offensive, or political leaning in nature.
  • Patient satisfaction is our priority. Performance attire should not become a distraction.

Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.