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Debbie Charles

Living (and sleeping) well after same-day orthopedic surgeries

Debbie Charles


Debbie: The numbness in my hands was just... unbearable. It would wake me up in the middle of the night, and I wasn't able to type, for my job.

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Klaus at Summa. And he determined it was carpal tunnel. So, I had a surgery on my right hand. And then four weeks later, I had my left hand done. And the numbness was gone immediately.

And then my shoulder started hurting, so he had an MRI done. It showed a complete tear on my rotator cuff. So, Dr. Klaus was to my rescue again and he did surgery on a repair for my rotator cuff.

All of my procedures were done out at the Wadsworth, Same Day Surgery Care. And the facility was wonderful.

Now after all my procedures, I'm able to do things. I can cook, I can type, I can sleep at night without pain! It hasn't fixed my bad typing, but at least there's no pain anymore. And I can type!


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