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Internal Medicine Subinternship


To provide the student with an opportunity to function in the capacity similar to that of an intern, but under teaching supervision.


  1. The student will report directly to the resident with ward responsibilities and will participate in patient assignments, teaching rounds, work rounds and night call in the manner identical to an intern.
  2. The student's histories and physicals, when countersigned, will be an official part of the patient record.
  3. All procedures must be performed by the student under direct supervision.
  4. All orders must be written and signed with the student and cosigned by a physician, either resident or attending. Verbal orders must not be given by the subintern.
  5. All orders must be cosigned by a physician, either resident or attending, before they may be enacted by the nursing department.
  6. While on call, the subintern may take the first call in the hospital in lieu of an intern or first-year resident when approved by the respective department.
  7. Daily care of the patient and attendance at work rounds and teaching rounds will be expected.
  8. The student will have at least 3 and not more than 7 patient evaluations per week which will cover the broad scope of general internal medicine.

Night Call/Special Requirements:

Night call every fourth night.

Responsible Faculty/Rank:

  1. Troy Bishop, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, NEOMED

Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.