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Thoracic/Cardiovascular Surgery


  1. In-depth experience in thoracic surgical disease.
  2. Develop surgical skills particular to thoracic surgery.


  1. Primary patient care.
  2. Operating room experience.
  3. Conference presentation.
  4. Laboratory experience: vascular, esophageal.
  5. Intensive care and coronary care experience.

Night Call/Special Requirements:

Night call every third night.

Responsible Faculty/Rank:

  1. Robert Baranek, M.D., Assistant Professor of Thoracic Surgery, NEOMED
  2. Robert Debski, M.D., Associate Professor of Thoracic Surgery, NEOMED
  3. Albert Abbott, Jr., M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery, NEOMED

Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.