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Our program recognizes the physical and emotional strain that is associated with being a physician. Our program incorporates new opportunities and experiences each year to support our fellows and combat physician burnout. Additionally, fellows can participate in the Akron Physician Wellness Initiative, which provides private individual counseling and other services. It is our goal to keep you healthy and well so you can be the best version of yourself! Below are some examples of our wellness initiatives, but the list changes every year. 


Weekly Group Meetings with Palliative Team Chaplain 

Once per week, the fellows spend one hour with the team chaplain. These confidential sessions allow fellows to talk about cases, emotional challenges, or anything that is affecting them at that time. Because of the importance and value these sessions provide to our fellows, this is protected time - clinical duties are not scheduled during these sessions.


Medical Education Core Curriculum Series

The Office of Medical Education at Summa holds multiple core curriculum lectures throughout the academic year promoting different topics including (but not limited to) physician wellness, business and administration, and financial acumen. This is protected time for fellows. 


Team Building

We have numerous community outings scheduled throughout the year. Participation is not required but highly encouraged! Faculty, staff, and other fellowships participate. These events provide opportunities for fellows to bond with colleagues outside of a clinical space. Some examples include quarterly book clubs, death cafés, movie nights, and trips to the Akron Art Museum.


Schwartz Rounds

Once per month, an interdisciplinary panel of providers and staff present a case in our Firestone Auditorium. The case typically involves an emotionally challenging situation and affords the opportunity to build a dialogue about the care team process and how to manage burnout. 

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