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 Tyler +1 at Sporting Event

Tyler Bischof, D.O.

Hometown: Akron, OH

I chose Summa for residency because of the people. The attendings, the residents and the staff all get along really well, which makes for a comfortable work environment.

The best part about being a resident at Summa is the “big” hospital feel with endless specialties and opportunities while maintaining the comfortability and communication of a community hospital. All of the residents and the other programs have outstanding relationships and respect for one another.

In my free time I like to spend time with my wife and family, go on hikes, bike, work out, go boating and fishing, and all things Buckeyes and Cleveland sports!

Haley Skydiving 

Haley Coleman, M.D.

Hometown: Hudson, Ohio

What I like best about Akron is that the city has big heart and is filled with many people who are trying to improve the community! I am always taken back by the new projects and community initiatives that are happening in Akron, at Summa, and at our Family Medicine Center. For example, this past year we helped establish an Emergency Department clothing closet and fill the inpatient clothing closet for patients who don’t have shoes or coats to go home. I am also passionate about women’s health, academic medicine, leadership, and advocacy which are all things I can pursue at our program.

The best part about being a resident here are the attendings in every department. They have a passion for teaching. We are nomads for the first year of our training, constantly bouncing between services, but we are blessed with great colleagues and attendings on each service who are passionate and gifted teachers. Summa provides lots of support for their learners.

What I like best about our FM program - The program allows you to tailor your training to your future practice goals. The faculty are more than happy to allow you to be creative in developing your curriculum for residency as long as you meet the ACGME requirements. Our faculty truly care that you are able to get what you want out of residency, even if it is something that has not been done before. For me, I’ve done extra rotations in obstetrics to get the experience I need for my future practice. 

Brad Eckert w dog boating 

Bradley Eckert, M.D., M.S.

Hometown: Cleveland Heights, Ohio

What sets our FM program apart from others is that this is the only program that I found that combined all of my interests - caring for underserved populations, a strong commitment to integrated behavioral health, addiction medicine, and palliative care.

What I like best about our program is the commitment to the clinic! Regardless of what rotation you are on, priority is always given to making sure you return to the FMC to see patients. Because of this commitment right from the beginning of intern year, I know that I will be well trained for future outpatient primary care.

The best part of being a resident here is the commitment to education and the creation of a safe and supportive learning environment that is unparalleled. Staff, across all levels, have been incredibly helpful and welcoming.

My favorite place to hang out in the Akron area is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park that is right in our backyard!  There are miles of trails to explore with my partner and two dogs.


Madeleine Eicher, M.D.


Zoe & Family 

Zoe Jones, D.O.

Hometown: Cleveland Heights, Ohio

My favorite things about our program are that we are constantly evolving to meet our patients' needs.  For example, our faculty and residents are currently working on a "Food Pharmacy." The vision is to empower patients to make healthier food choices by offering better nutritional/disease process education while improving access to healthy foods.  Another new project is the medical-legal partnership (MLP). The MLP prevented one of our terminally ill patients from being evicted from their home - pretty cool! In my free time, I like to do house projects with my right-hand man. We like to build stuff (tables, shelves, shutters, flower boxes) in our backyard (while drinking beer, of course). We also love to hike/be in nature with friends and family.  The perfect Sunday afternoon is a leisurely walk to my parents' or in-laws' with our new baby, then dinner with the family or taking the dogs out to play. In bed by 8!

Kaleb Kenneaster and Fiancée

Kaleb Kenneaster, D.O.

Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming

What I like best about Akron is that there is access to everything you would expect in a big city, either in Akron or the nearby cities of Columbus and Cleveland. There is also access to lots of outdoor activities.  I spend my free time with my fiancée doing any of our infinite number of hobbies that we like - shooting, hiking, retrieving drills with our field bred English Cocker Spaniel puppy, Apache, watching soccer, hunting, running, biking, spending time with family, going to wineries/breweries, road tripping and exploring the country.

The best part of being a resident at Summa is the atmosphere, the culture, the people that you get to work with, and all of the possibilities and opportunities there are to learn and gain experience.  The association with the local medical school, NEOMED, gives you additional opportunities to work with students and take advantage of the additional training opportunities that NEOMED offers.

What I like best about the Family Medicine program is how comfortable and easy it is to work with everyone here. Everyone acts like family - they care about each other and are always willing to be there to support you and help you learn.  All of our faculty want you to be successful and will do whatever they can to help you pursue your interests and passion to prepare you for your future practice.

Zeba Khalid w friend & Dog at falls  

Zeba Khalid, D.O.

Hometown: Woodbridge, Virginia

The best part of being a resident at Summa is the way everyone checks in on each other and how approachable everyone is in the program. The strength in the hospital medicine curriculum as well as the university program feel, despite being a community program, is what sets the FM program apart from others.  The people are what I like best about the program. From faculty to co-residents, there is a sincere feeling that everyone is invested in your growth as a physician and as an individual.

In my free time, I like exploring the Akron/Cleveland area with my husband and catching up with friends.

Shraddha +1 ugly sweaters 

Shraddha Srivastava, D.O.

Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio

The best part about being a resident at Summa Health is that everyone is very nice and supportive. Even in other specialties, the faculty love to teach and help you grow as a physician!

What sets our FM program apart from others is that we are in an academic hospital with a community hospital feeling. You get the best training with some of the most skilled physicians, while still having people who care about your wellbeing, and place importance on your mental health.

Justin Brown +1 

Justin Brown, M.D.

Hometown: Bowling Green, Ohio

What I like best about Akron is that it is an incredibly diverse region with dozens of local agencies, non-profits, and organizations all devoted toward improving the community. My favorite place to hang out in the area is Compass Coffee. Some of my other favorites are Mustard Seed Market & Café in Highland Square, Strickland’s Frozen Custard in Ellet, and Flury’s Café in Cuyahoga Falls. An unexpectedly cool thing about this area is that there are so many exciting festivals and events that take place throughout the year – including Elevate Akron Yoga Festival in Lock 3, PorchRokr and Square Festival in Highland Square, and the annual Barberton Mum Festival.

In our free time, we like home workouts with the peloton app, checking out various local coffee shops, watching Marvel movies/series, visiting used bookstores, and being a guest on my father’s podcast. The perfect Sunday afternoon is mowing the lawn after church, completing home décor/improvement projects with my wife, biking to the tennis courts by our house, or reading a good book with a cat in my lap.

The best part about being a resident at Summa is that I really resonate with the mission of the hospital system and feel like I play an important role in the delivery of high-quality and compassionate care to our patients. Also, the food. I think what really sets our FM program apart from others is the full days in the outpatient setting with good continuity of care, a well-integrated osteopathic curriculum, and the various systems in place to improve the efficiency and efficacy of our clinic workflow. I feel confident that the program exists to cultivate and promote my professional interests, not merely to use me to staff the hospital.

Hannah Giclas + Charlie  

Hannah Giclas, M.D.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

What I like best about Akron is that coming from out West, I love how green everything is! My favorite place to hang out is Towpath Trail riding bikes. My favorite weekend places are
Leavened (bakery in Cleveland) or any local coffee shop. I love hiking, baking, and checking out new breweries in my free time. A perfect Saturday night or Sunday afternoon more than likely includes a movie at home or walking up to Mason’s for ice cream.

The best part about being a resident here at Summa Health is the collegiality across specialties. The thing that sets our program apart from others is the feeling of support and a nurturing learning environment. What I like best about being in this FM program is the shared goals of striving toward progressive and inclusive medicine.


Lauren Pittak, D.O



Mia Probinsky, D.O.



Kristen Shaub, D.O.


Katie Simmonds w Family 

Kaitlyn Simmonds, M.D.


What I like best about Akron is that there is always something to do, specifically if you like outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, “floating the river” etc. My favorite places are the Cuyahoga National Park and the Akron Zoo (amazing for the younger kids). I spend my free time with my fiancé and daughter, a lot of family time/activities - parks, pool, zoo, museums, or a movie at home.

The best part about being a resident at Summa is the comradery, especially between the different specialties. I have made many close friends in other programs. It is easy to bounce ideas off of them or lean on them for help.

What sets our program apart from others is the inclusiveness. I feel everyone shares a mindset that involves inclusive medicine and bettering the community based on this mindset. I always feel support from my co-residents and faculty.

Shana Williams graduation 

Shana Williams, M.D.

Hometown: West Salem, Ohio

The best part about being a resident at Summa is the culture. The focus is on learning, wellness and patient care. Attendings from all rotations are constantly teaching us in a way that is useful and respectful. There is a strong sense of community here. Bonus: the cafeteria food is pretty good, and we have a Starbucks in the hospital!

What I like best about the FM program is that we have an amazing support system. Our co-residents and faculty check in on us frequently to make sure that we are doing okay. Our faculty allow us to explore our unique interests and make our residency more focused on what we want to do in the future.

In my free time, I like to kayak, crochet, color, snowboard, play with my cat, and grow succulents.

Chris Beshay boating

Chris Beshay, M.D.

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

The reason I chose Summa for residency was my initial reaction at the meet and greet virtual session with the residents prior to my interview. I was very surprised at how friendly they all were - almost suspicious at their comic demeanor. 

During my interview, I felt like I belonged to this group of people. When I joined the program, the staff were even friendlier than I anticipated. I chose Summa because I felt like I belonged and that I would receive the best medical education.

In my free time I like to explore the extended city, workout, visit family, practice playing trombone, and take up new skills that I've always wanted to develop, such as cooking, dancing and painting.


Kate Crawford 

Kate Crawford, D.O.

Hometown: Valley View, Ohio

The best part of being a resident at Summa is the supportive and welcoming environment.  I value how members of our program are always working to grow and provide the best educational experience and patient care experience possible.

In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, traveling locally and internationally, trying different restaurants/foods, cooking, exercising, and being active outdoors.  I also enjoy a good (or bad) reality TV show.

Jenna & Andrew 

Jenna Ferguson, M.D.

Hometown: Twinsburg, Ohio

The best part about being a resident at Summa is the culture of learning that is created here. All of the attendings that I have worked with are committed to teaching and fostering your growth as a physician. This makes the transition to being a resident easier, knowing that you are going to be supported.  What sets our program apart from others is the vast number of opportunities to explore areas of interest within family medicine as well as the very supportive faculty and other residents.

In my free time I like to read, go for walks, travel and spend time with family and friends.

Emily Justus on swing 

Emily Justus, D.O.

Hometown: Canton, Ohio

I chose Summa for residency because I had such a transformative and positive experience at Summa as a medical student and knew it would be the same experience as a resident.The culture here is unlike anywhere else. Summa always goes the extra mile to take the best care of its patients, employees, and community.The attendings are excited to teach and there is a precedence of profound professionalism and respect for every person. I also love being able to care for and give back to the Northeast Ohio community that I come from.

I chose the specialty of family medicine because I want to be an impactful physician that develops meaningful long-term relationships with patients. I take great pride in the fact that we care for every age and at any time in a patient’s life. I love that this field has never-ending opportunities for growth and change. Most of all, I love that we have the greatest opportunity to get patients to truly buy into their own health and in turn live happier, healthier lives. 

The best part about being a resident here is the fact that every day at work I feel like I am part of something much bigger than myself, and I am surrounded by such kind, intelligent, and compassionate individuals. I genuinely am excited to go to work every day, especially when I get to work with my co-residents. 

In my free time, I like to travel, hike, cook, visit breweries, and spend time with family, friends, and my dogs.

Alex Piampiano

Alexandra Piampiano, D.O.

Hometown: Rochester, New York

For me what sets Summa FM apart from other programs is the people! The faculty and residents truly care about each other and their patients. The attendings, both in FM and on other services that we rotate through, love to teach. The faculty are very supportive and have open door policies.  There are tons of fellowships at Summa, which makes getting connected with people who have similar interests very attainable. Some of my areas of interest are sports medicine, public health, and social determinants of health.  Also, the food at Summa is the best of any hospital I've ever been to.  They bring in a local restaurant every day of the week at a station in the cafeteria.

In my free time I like to exercise, hike and do just about anything outdoors. I also like to join my co-residents for trivia.

Jessica Poirier, M.D.


Vic Wobser 

Victoria Wobser, M.D.

Hometown: Clyde, Ohio

The best part of being a resident at Summa is the strong teaching culture throughout the whole hospital. Everyone, from attendings to techs to social workers, is willing to take a minute to answer your questions. I love working with our rotating medical students and getting to share everything that I've learned so far with them. I chose family medicine because I come from a rural background and have a strong interest in working with the underserved, and a large portion of our patient population at our family medicine center are underserved.

In my free time, I like to read, play video games, ride my motorcycle, hang out on Lake Erie with my family, and dominate our class trivia nights.

Christina Wong in a cafe 

Christina Wong, D.O.

Hometown: Cupertino, California

The best part of being a resident at Summa - I love my co-interns!! We try to get together a couple times a month (trivia nights or dinners and are always leaning on each other for support. Also, the cafeteria food is delicious and the Starbucks on campus is lifesaving - all covered with our monthly food stipend.

I think what sets our program apart from others is that the program faculty are supportive and always willing to help us at any time of day. We also serve a very diverse patient population, which is something I really wanted when looking at residency programs.

In my free time I like hanging out with my partner and our pets, trying new recipes, going out to brunch, and nature photography.




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