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Osteopathic Recognition

Summa's Family Medicine Residency program applied for and received Osteopathic Recognition as of July 2017. Prior to this, we were a dually accredited program through both the AOA and ACGME since 2006. Therefore, it has been a seamless transition to osteopathic recognition through ACGME accreditation. We plan to maintain and improve our osteopathic education that is currently an integral part of our residency program. We have an affiliation with A.T. Still University's Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Department for Advancement of Osteopathic Education.  This affiliation allows us access to all of their resources.  We also have strong ties to Ohio University - Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine for additional support of our osteopathic education curriculum. Osteopathic philosophies are incorporated into many of our educational and patient care activities. Examples include:

  • Workshops focused on improving Osteopathic Manipulative skills
  • Osteopathic Manipulation applied in the hospital setting
  • OMT slots built into outpatient office schedules (Every DO and MD resident in Osteopathic Recognition has at least one 40-minute OMT slot built into their schedule each half day.)
  • Built-in referral system with our MD colleagues
  • Quarterly OMM "Find It & Fix It" labs
  • Attendance at local osteopathic board review and skills-building workshops (OUHCOM "OMM For All" and Osteopathic Board Review Course)
  • Consistent direct supervision of OMT in both the clinic and hospital by Osteopathic faculty with feedback
  • Three examination rooms in the clinic dedicated to OMT with height adjustable OMT tables
  • Incorporation of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) into our osteopathic curriculum
  • Teaching residents and students how to do trigger point injections
  • Having outside osteopathic speakers (e.g., Dr. Jenny Zamour from OUHCOM on doing OMT on the perinatal unit and L&D)
  • Exposure to Graston training

In order to enter into our program with the intention of graduating with Osteopathic Recognition, a resident must have graduated from an accredited college of Osteopathic medicine or complete the program's osteopathic recognition eligibility requirements prior to starting residency.

We recently purchased four new OMT tables for use during our monthly OMT lectures as well as six foam rollers for staff wellness, resident wellness, use during patient care, and for patient education.

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