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Alumni Focus 

Name: Laura Peter, D.O. 
Private Practice:
Beaches OBGYN, Jacksonville, FL 

How did the program prepare you for private practice/fellowship?
I think Summa was a wonderful preparation for he "real world" private practice. It is little things that the program has you do that helps the transition to private practice a little easier. First and foremost, having resident led cases of clinic patients really makes the resident take ownership of the patient. This is his or her patient, his or her work up, decision making, etc. Home call is another great facet. Having residents come to the hospitals for tough surgeries or to discuss plans helps residents emotionally prepare for tiresome middle of the night decisions. Summa also has wonderful specialists in all fields that helps a new grad start workups for common conditions affecting women. Some patients can be fully managed by the new generalist, while others can be appropriately counseled of what further management will be at the specialist allowing to better transition of care for the patient.

Your favorite memory(ies) of residency: My favorite memory of residency is hard to determine. Probably when I got married. Because the program is so close knit, the entire program, including residents, administration and their spouses were all in attendance. It makes it really special when you are so close to your work family that you want to see them come together on such a special day. Otherwise, it's the little parts of residency that were so special. The pranks on night shift, the work retreats, and the friendships created during those four years. 

What  you liked best about Akron/favorite place in Akron/favorite thing to do: Favorite place in Akron was Blue Door Café for breakfast, On Tap for drinks after a softball game, Cleveland for sporting events, Sand Run Park for exercise.

Advice to future residents: Operate as much as you can. Ask as many questions as you can. Don’t be afraid to look dumb - just ask anything. The more you see and ask, the more you will learn and there are so many people willing to teach at Summa. Know that this is going to be a really grueling four years of your life. However, it’ll be some of the best years in your life as well. Don’t forget to enjoy it and have fun.


Name: Christine Arnold, M.D.
Private Practice: Summa Health Medical Group, Akron OH
Graduation: 2018

How did the program prepare you for private practice/fellowship? Summa allows residents to have an appropriate amount of autonomy and independence when taking care of patients, which leads you to feel very prepared when you graduate. I also think we have a very strong GYN surgery experience which you wouldn’t necessarily get at other programs.

Your favorite memory(ies) of residency: All the fun outside of work events - especially the scavenger hunt we did around Akron!

What you liked best about Akron/favorite place in Akron/favorite thing to do: Favorite places would have to be the metro park system and Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens.

Advice to future residents: Keep in mind that most programs out there will get you the sufficient experience you need for practice but what really sets a residency apart is the people, the workplace culture and your quality of life.


Name: Elizabeth Seagraves, D.O.
Fellowship: Maternal Fetal Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Graduation: 2019

How did the program prepare you for private practice/fellowship? Summa gave me the opportunity to have both a well-rounded OB and GYN experience.
This has especially helped in fellowship. While I am training for MFM, I still use my GYN skills more than I realized. I am forever grateful for my residency training!

Your favorite memory(ies) of residency: It’s hard to choose one favorite memory because there are thousands. However, my favorite memories are all the fun we had during the end of year retreat, as well as, the bond that I formed with all my classmates over the 4 years.

What you liked best about Akron/favorite place in Akron/favorite thing to do: Akron is a great place to live. There are many fun restaurants. It’s easy to get
around. There are many places to choose to live that are in close proximity to the hospital. I especially loved the Cuyahoga National Park.

Advice to future residents: My advice to all future residents, take every learning opportunity! Stay late, wake up early, read often. It’s only 4 years to get the most exposure that you can before you go into the world on your own!


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