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Q: Describe the relationship with attendings.

A: Excellent. Their doors always open, that’s why I came here. You won’t find that in big academic programs. Summa is very friendly. That’s especially important for residents – it’s one less thing to stress about.

Olaronke Oshilaja, MD 

Q: What do grads do – and how do you like Akron?

A: Our grads do many different things, including fellowships in different specialties… 

It’s nice living in Akron, a larger town with a small-town feel and close to Cleveland -- but Akron itself has nice cultural aspects, art museum, downtown life.

Cherie Hart-Spicer, MD 

Q: Are there PhDs on the teaching staff?

A: It’s unique to have 2 PhDs in charge of clinical training in a residency program. They contribute quite a bit to our teaching and give a lot of one on one time.


Q: How flexible is the program – and how are residents viewed?

A: Very flexible. I decided to do a fellowship in neuropath and got extra exposure. Your job as a resident is to learn. You gross specimens, but you’re not a machine. You get a good eye for clinical practice.

Harry Kellermier, MD 

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