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Program Advantages

Summa's Pathology four-year residency program is fully approved and is designed to educate qualified pathologists ready to pass Board Certification exams -- or secure a fellowship.

Our unique advantages include:

  • Small, personal learning community of eight residents (two new positions per year)
  • Supportive “open door” relationships between residents and attendings
  • Well-rounded and current education in both anatomic and clinical pathology
  • Experienced pathology faculty with a passion for teaching and a broad range of specialties
  • PhD staff in chemistry, immunology and microbiology provide in-depth clinical training
  • Exposure to both academic training and community pathology
  • High volume and wide variety of clinical specimens
  • Forensic and autopsy training with support from Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Attending pathologists have academic appointments at Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • Formal affiliation with Akron Children’s Hospital for rotations in pediatric pathology, electron microscopy, cytogenetics and molecular biology
  • Research required but balanced with need for basic skills
  • Teaching skills are evaluated and coached, with residents as primary teachers at most extra-departmental conferences
  • One month elective rotation away from Summa to explore fellowship or job opportunities or gain experience in an area of interest
  • High success rate in fellowship placement and employment

Rotation Schedule


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.