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Additional High-Risk Breast Screenings

A mammogram is the most important screening exam for early breast cancer detection. However, for some individuals who have an increased lifetime risk of breast cancer, there are additional screenings that your provider may recommend.  Your lifetime breast cancer risk is calculated based on a Cancer Risk Assessment done at the time of your mammogram. 

Screening Breast MRI

A screening breast MRI uses strong magnets instead of radiation to take detailed, cross-sectional images of the breasts to help breast specialists see parts of the breast that may be hard to see with other imaging tests. The MRI typically takes between 45 minutes and 60 minutes to complete and is an outpatient procedure.


FAST MRI is a highly sensitive screening test that may detect abnormal breast findings not seen on your mammogram. It is a supplement, not a replacement for a yearly mammogram for gene-negative patients with an elevated lifetime risk for breast cancer or individuals with increased breast density.

A FAST MRI is a 15-minute procedure that does not involve any radiation exposure and is traditionally scheduled on days 7-14 of the patient’s menstrual cycle. It is a great option for patients that are self-pay (not using private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid), with an 80-90% lower cost than a full MRI.

A physician’s order is required for a FAST MRI. Discuss with your provider if you are eligible for
FAST MRI or call 330.375.7494 to learn more about FAST MRI.

These screenings require a physician's order. If you would like more information, please call our High-Risk Breast Clinic at 330.375.7494.

Onsite Genetic Testing

Summa Health offers onsite genetic testing for patients who meet the criteria to determine if they carry an abnormal gene that may increase the risk of developing breast, ovarian or other cancers. The two genes most commonly linked to an increased risk of breast cancer are BRCA1 (BReast CAncer gene one) and BRCA2 (BReast CAncer gene two).

For more information about genetic testing, contact the Summa Health Dr. Gary B. and Pamela S. Williams Center for Breast Health at 330.375.7494.


Options to Request an Appointment

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