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Why It's Important to Get Your Screening Mammograms



One in eight women will get breast cancer over their lifetime, which is about 13%. Some women are higher risk of breast cancer based on their family history or other factors. It's so important to get screening mammograms and talk to your healthcare provider about your risk. I know that there are many women that have not had mammograms in the last one to two years due to the COVID pandemic. Either decreased access or just fear of venturing out. It's so important to get your screening mammograms. They could save your life. It's also important for African American to think about getting screening maybe earlier because the risk of getting breast cancer under the age of 50 is higher than White women. And in addition, the risk of getting a higher aggressive type of breast cancer is also higher in African American women. So take charge of your life. Get screened. Have a healthy lifestyle. Now more than ever, we have the technology to detect cancer at its earliest stages. I urge you strongly to go to or call the number on your screen to get your screening mammogram.


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