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Cardiac Imaging and Testing

Chest pains, heart flutters and, of course, a heart attack are common signs of heart trouble. In the past, such symptoms might require a minimally invasive technique, such as cardiac catheterization, to diagnose the problem. However, innovative technology is quickly evolving imaging and testing methods.

Procedures such as cardiac CTA, coronary calcium scoring and cardiac MRI provide the Summa Health cardiac team with much of the same information as the more conventional tests, yet are significantly less invasive to the patient. What’s more, the procedures are easier to perform and often provide faster, more accurate results. However, should a patient need it, Summa Health cardiologists are also trained to perform minimally invasive techniques, such as diagnostic cardiac catheterizations.

Common imaging and testing procedures performed at Summa Health include:

Again, these are just some of the many cardiac imaging and testing procedures Summa Health uses to screen for heart disease and determine what is causing your symptoms. We also use them to monitor your heart and find out if your treatment is working.

For more information, schedule an appointment with the Summa Health Heart and Vascular Institute.

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