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Heart Failure Program

By participating in the Summa Health Heart Failure Program, you’ll learn how to take a more active role in minimizing your risks for complications and hospitalizations due to heart failure. The program is designed to improve your health by partnering with your primary care physician to offer extra support and ongoing monitoring of your heart failure status.

Benefits of participating in the program include:

  • Assisting you (and your family) in becoming active partners in your treatment by educating you on how to manage your heart failure.
  • Helping you understand the importance of following your treatment plan, including medications, dietary restrictions, weight monitoring, physical activity and keeping follow-up appointments.
  • Increasing your awareness and understanding of the symptoms of worsening heart failure – and help you know when and how to seek medical help – before a situation turns critical.
  • Reducing your emergency room visits and hospital admissions.

And perhaps most importantly, improving your quality of life and life expectancy.

If you’ve been diagnosed with heart failure, talk to your doctor about getting a referral to see a Summa Health cardiologist. To learn more about the Summa Health Heart Failure Program, schedule an appointment for an evaluation.


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.