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Robotic Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Robotic abdominal wall reconstruction is a minimally invasive technique typically used with patients who have complex middle or upper abdominal wall hernias the size of a tennis ball or greater. It is an ideal alternative for treating massive hernias that would otherwise require open surgery, depending on comorbidities and other complexities.

daVinci RobotSumma Health surgeons utilize the daVinci® platform, a robotically assisted surgical system that provides a three-dimensional view of the surgical field along with intense magnification and high-definition images of the surgical area. Its robotic instruments also have flexible ends that offer a greater range of motion than that allowed by the human wrist. Together, these features improve the surgeon’s vision and control, resulting in a greater range of motion and more precise control of the instruments than open or laparoscopic surgery.

Robotic abdominal wall reconstruction involves six or seven small incisions in the abdomen. Smaller incisions mean a less painful operation, which in turn leads to a faster recovery. The robotic technique also minimizes the risk of wound complications, like infection, and enables many patients to be discharged the next day. (With a standard open operation, the length of stay is between three to seven days.) When patients follow up a week out, pain levels are usually less than those who had an open operation. A follow-up visit is usually scheduled after two weeks, and activities limited for four to six weeks after the procedure. Once cleared, most patients are back to their normal lives.

To date, Summa Health is one of the only hospitals in the Akron/Canton area offering robotic abdominal wall reconstruction. To schedule an appointment or make a referral, call 330.761.9930. New patients will be seen within one week. Same-day appointments may be available at the Summa Health System – Akron Campus.

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