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Golf Fitness

Reduce pain. Improve efficiency.

Golf Specialty Programs

Let our Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Matt Riede, help you improve all the physical aspects of your golf game. He will work with you to increase your flexibility, joint mobility, and the total body stability that you will need to generate more force in your swing, play with less pain, and enjoy a better round of golf.


Golf Movement Screen / Video Analysis

All packages begin with a golf movement screen. Matt will walk you through 16 separate movements, explaining how the findings directly affect your golf swing. Following the screen, your golf swing will be recorded from two vantage points. The information from the screen and video analysis will be used to develop a customized workout program designed to correct any physical limitations and improve total body mobility and strength. 

Golf Fitness Packages and Pricing

To register please contact Matt Riede at 330.655.8016 or

Screen & Results

Includes golf movement screen, video analysis and one-hour personal training session. 

$150 (non-members – $175)

Par 3

Includes golf movement screen, video analysis and three one-hour personal training sessions. 

$275 (non-members – $350)

Back 9

Includes golf movement screen, video analysis, nine one-hour personal training sessions, and re-screen to assess progress. 

$575 (non-members – $625)


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.