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Colon Cancer Survivor

The more we talk about colon cancer the more lives we can save.

Please join us as we share in a patient's journey from diagnosis to survivorship with colon cancer. The Survivorship Panel, assembled by Summa's Cancer Institute, is a first of its kind event and is founded in our belief that cancer is but a waypoint, not an endpoint in a person's life journey.

This free event is a unique opportunity for community members, survivors, support persons and organizations, physicians and healthcare professionals to hear first-hand about someone’s journey through surviving cancer. Our Survivorship Panel, designed by the patient, Liz Sargent will share how they touched Liz; the gastroenterologist (Dr Kafalas), the surgeon (Dr. Fondran), the nurse navigator (Karen Bochert) the oncologist (Dr. Mahesh) and her partner (Dave Hartshorne). This collaborative care team was instrumental in charting Liz’s course through the healthcare maze and to a vibrant future. Attendees will be able to ask questions and interact with the panel.

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