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DrumFIT Fitness

DrumFIT Fitness is a simple, fun way to impact adults and kid’s lives both physically and mentally. It is a cardio-based drumming program that combines physical activity with brain fitness.

Students are increasing their overall well-being drumming away stress, getting fit and listening to some amazing music. DrumFIT Fitness is a choreographed format where participants use drum sticks during this amazing, energetic workout which targets various eaters of the body, legs, arms--it’s totally a full body workout but students don’t feel like their working out because they are having fun. Drumming increases the heart rate, gets the heart pumping and blood flowing, resulting in an effective aerobic workout.  DrumFIT Fitness is exciting and it’s for anyone and of any age. 

An hour of drumming burns more calories than running, aerobics or weightlifting.

DrumFIT is an incredible Physical Education Program taught by Coach Carmen Williams who is a Certified Master Life Coach, certified Fitness and Zumba Instructor. Get registered for class today!

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