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Q.: Why has Summa Health System closed inpatient services at the Wadsworth-Rittman campus?

A.: This measure was done to match the needs of the community based on the services that are currently being used. Advances in medical procedures, technology and pharmaceuticals make outpatient surgeries and treatments preferable to many. Though the inpatient services will close, Summa will continue to support a full-service emergency department with five observation beds.

Q.: What services remain at the facility?

A.: We want to invest in services the community is using currently which is the why we are developing an integrated location. Learn what services are at the location.

Q.: Was this the initial plan when Summa Health System acquired Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital?

A.: No. Since acquiring Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital, Summa has continued to invest in this location. 

Q.: Does Summa Health System plan to close the facility altogether?

A.: No, there are no plans to close the facility. 


Q.: Will physicians have input regarding what services are offered through the integrated medical facility?

A.: Yes. We are working with physicians to determine what additional services are most needed for this location.


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