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Diabetes Education

Summa Health System offers diabetes education programs to assist those patients who are at risk for or are learning to live with diabetes. We provide the tools people with diabetes need in order to learn how to control their blood sugar through diet, exercise and healthy living.

Diabetic Education Goals

Located at multiple locations throughout the Summa Health network, the program’s primary goal is to help people learn to live with diabetes through education. We offer the resources to assist those patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes or those patients who have been living with the disease to gain better control of their blood glucose.

About Our Diabetes Classes

Our diabetes education programs are approved and recognized for excellence by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Group Classes

We currently offer Group Diabetes Outpatient Education Classes that are a series of 2 two and a half hour classes.  These classes are free. 

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Self-paced Classes

We also offer Diabetes Education Self-Management Education (DSME) that can be scheduled by calling our Diabetes Center at 234.312.6420.

Learn more about how to manage your diabetes through Summa's Outpatient Diabetes Services. You can learn about meal planning, physical activity, what to do if you’re sick.  For questions, contact us at 234.312.6420 or via email at




Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.