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Patient Stories


Christopher Hartley

Diabetes Patient & MyChart User

Can’t imagine managing his diabetes without the help of MyChart


Christopher: When I was diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago, it was an entire lifestyle change. My Summa endocrinologist, Dr. Mills, introduced me to MyChart, which is a nice electronic tool to help me manage my diabetes and communications with him. Every month I can upload my blood sugar levels for them to look at and then based upon how they're looking, my doctor can make medicine changes as needed. I can also communicate with other doctors outside of the endocrinology group.

Dr. Mills and his nurse practitioner, Debra Mckinney are great, great bedside manner, and I still get the same feeling when I'm talking to them through MyChart as well.

My advice to other patients is that while diabetes is a chronic condition, it does not have to rule your life. And MyChart is a great tool to help you manage your diabetes. I can't imagine managing diabetes today without using MyChart.


Leocadia Lorkowski

A diabetic-healthy lifestyle helps her to help others


Leocadia: I was feeling sluggish. I didn't have the enthusiasm I always had, and I know this was not me, and my primary care physician led me to Dr. Salem at Summa. He ordered tests for me and discovered I was diabetic. He put me on some medications, referred me to a dietician and got me into an exercise program.

My life is transformed. I have the desire to eat good nutitional, heart healthy foods. I'm exercising a lot more. I can go from 6:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. At 110 years old it's amazing.

My diabetes medication has reduced tremendously due to my healthy lifestyle. And as a result of my good health, I have been able to impact many people's lives through my ministries.

God's will is for me to be a vessel of kindness and love to all.


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