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Nursing Mission, Vision and Values 

Mission Statement

The mission of Summa Health System is to provide the highest quality, compassionate care to our patients and members and to contribute to a healthier community.

Our Vision

Summa Health System will be recognized as one of the finest healthcare organizations in the United States and will be the preferred provider of healthcare services in our service area.

Our Values

Our values provide the framework for each of us to support the mission in our day-to-day work by emphasizing the beliefs and attitudes which govern the operations of the System. They are an affirmation of what is most important for the success of our organization and reflect a belief that success is a personal standard compelling us to strive to reach our highest potential as individuals in service to our community.

  • We believe in the highest standards of personal and organizational integrity. Honesty and fairness are expected from all of us.
  • We believe in preserving a quality, caring organizational environment. Each of us will take responsibility for continuously improving the quality of care and service he or she provides.
  • We believe in excellence in leadership throughout the organization. All who lead must also facilitate the efforts of our employees in best serving our patients and serve in a mentoring and educating role to support all employees in achieving their full potential.
  • We believe in valuing one another. Each of us will value the knowledge, experience and ability of other employees and the contribution that each makes to Summa.
  • We believe that we all deserve respect and fair treatment. Each of us will support these fundamental premises by being an example of this positive behavior.
  • We believe in open communication. Each of us will continually strive to remove communication barriers. Group participation is encouraged in the resolution of issues.
  • We believe in teamwork. We value the participative process and consensus building. It is through cooperation that our greatest successes will be derived.
  • We believe in community service. We encourage all of our employees to be good community citizens and seek opportunities of service to others.
  • We believe in individuality. We value diversity in experience and perspectives at all levels of our workforce. Differing points of view will be sought and respected.

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Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.