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Nursing Safety Program

Patient safety is at the core of what we do.

From hospitals and medical centers to outpatient clinics and homecare, the nurses of Summa Health System are leading our focus on safety with their rapid adoption of best practices and immediate results.

Nurses play an important role in Summa’s culture of safety. They are a vital component of Summa’s safety initiative, “I’m4Safety.” From nursing units to cafeterias, from office settings to security, “I’m4Safety” is a system-wide safety program that has become a well-known, well-regarded part of our organization’s culture.

“I’m4Safety” encompasses four safety behaviors, which are incorporated into our everyday work at Summa:

  • Practice with a questioning attitude
  • Communicate clearly
  • Focus on the task
  • Support each other
“I’m4Safety” has manifested in a number of different ways:
  • All hospitals have completed safety training; new employees complete training within 6 months of their hire date.
  • All hospitals begin the day with a safety huddle so any issues with the potential to impact patient safety are identified and resolved as quickly as possible.
  • More than 200 front-line staff members have volunteered to be “safety coaches” within their units or departments. 
Improving the safety of our patients is our duty and a true measure of success of the care we provide. In individual units and on a system-wide basis, Summa nurses are dedicated to the safety of their patients – and each other – in a variety of ways. There is a strong commitment to the system approach to safety practices and our safety success stories have been remarkable.

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