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Marvin Jones (1940-2005)

Sherbrook series


Marvin Jones in his Ohio City studio. Portrait by Herb Ascherman.


About the artist

Marvin Jones taught printmaking and painting, primarily, at Cleveland State University from 1974 until his death in 2005; he headed the printmaking program there from 1985 and was much loved and respected by students and colleagues as well as by members of the broader art community. In addition to printmaking and painting, he created works of jewelry and sculpture. He had previously taught at a number of U.S., Canadian, and German educational institutions, as well as having served as artist-in-residence, an important honor and recognition by colleagues for any artist, at many more in the United States. He exhibited his work vigorously — solo and group shows and many international exhibitions dedicated to contemporary prints — and received awards in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Virginia, Washington, and in Alberta, Canada. Jones was also a collector of artworks from non-European civilizations (Inuit, African, Mexican folk art, Australian Aboriginal, and Outsider art) and had deep convictions about their relevance to the art being created now.

Where you can see more of this artist’s work:

There is good information on Marvin Jones and his oeuvre (French term we use to describe an artist’s body of work) at the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve; his prints and paintings continue to be represented by galleries in Akron and Cleveland and are held in collections around the country.

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