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Tara Lynn

Whispering Shannon, 2017

Materials: Clay body and glazes, 11" x 19" x 17”.

Location at Summa Health:  Dr. Gary B. and Pamela S. Williams Tower on the Akron Campus (141 N. Forge St.), blue neighborhood, first floor, waiting area outside Surgical Waiting Room.

About the art and artist

The superlative command of the ceramics craft and the beautiful colors evoking an immediate response recommended this work for inclusion in the Summa Collection. The undulating outline of the piece keeps the beholder’s eye moving gently around edges and across surfaces, and it suggests that the form responds to a breeze or motion underwater.At the same time, Tara Lynn provides a title that hints at a rising and falling murmur, engaging the sense of hearing, even as sight and motion are already at work, along with our desire to touch …

Lynn explains that all of her pieces — some closer to vessels, others apparently less functional, all very sculptural — are autobiographical and evolve into their own “organic personality” (see artist statement below) over a long period of production.You might find it revealing to compare this work with the King’s Persian by Dale Chihulydownstairs on the ground floor lobby directly below the location of this work.

Here is a summary of her work in her own words:

Each piece takes approximately four to eight weeks, evolving from my mind's eye to its own organic personality. I have learned to let go of the process, while staying focused on continued growth and trusting my Higher Power with the outcome. I believe the pieces are a gift, no two alike, reflecting my life and telling the story of who I am.

The artist earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in art education from Kent State University and later returned to her high school, Our Lady of the Elms in Akron, where she taught art. 

Where to see more of this artist’s work:

Lynn exhibits work in galleries and invitational shows throughout Northeast Ohio, in California and Colorado, and in North Carolina and Florida, where she has won multiple purchase awards and other recognition.She maintains a studio in Fort Mill, S.C.

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