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The Gift of Heart Health

Posted February 06, 2018 by Michael Hughes, M.D.

Michael Hughes

When you think of February, you may think of Valentine's Day, chocolate and flowers. February also marks American Heart Month, a great time to commit to a healthy lifestyle and make small changes that can lead to a lifetime of heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. But the good news is it's also one of the most preventable.

Making heart-healthy choices, knowing your family health history and the risk factors for heart disease, having regular check-ups and working with your physician to manage your health are all important parts of living longer with a healthy heart.

7 Tips for a Healthy Heart:

  • Avoid smoking and using tobacco products.
  • Be physically active every day.
  • Eat a heart-healthy diet.
  • Keep a healthy weight.
  • Keep your blood pressure normal.
  • Keep your total cholesterol healthy.
  • Keep your blood sugar normal.

We encourage everyone to make small changes toward a heart healthier lifestyle all year long. Cardiovascular disease is the broad category for all diseases of the heart and circulation, including: heart disease, stroke, heart failure, cardiomyopathy and atrial fibrillation. Remember, heart trouble can happen at any age. You are never too young, or too old, to take care of your heart.

The perfect gift this Valentine’s Day? A healthy heart.

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