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Do residents work with dental implants?

Yes. With the supervision of on oral surgeon, residents will assist in the placement and restoration of dental implants in the Summa Health Dental Clinic using the Nobel Biocare System. Single tooth implants, fixed bridges, implant supported over dentures, and “All on 4” maxillary/ mandibular hybrid cases are performed.

Do residents provide cosmetic dentistry?

Yes. Residents provide direct and indirect composite restorations, porcelain veneers, and porcelain crowns.

Are there enough patients to provide a variety of procedures?

Yes. The Summa Health Dental Clinic sees approximately 200 new patients per month and 10,000 patient appointments per year. The patient population is more than adequate to provide a wide variety of treatment options. Residents also get to treat patients with different types of insurance plans.

Do residents get operating room experience?

Yes. Each week, patients with special needs are scheduled in the operating room for complete dental care under general anesthesia. Treatment can include extractions, restorations, periodontal treatment and root canal treatment.

Are residents on an on call schedule?

Yes. Residents will take call every 8th day and every 8th weekend. Although an “on call” schedule is prepared at the start of the academic year, residents have the option to rearrange the call schedule among their fellow residents. Residents do not have to be on site to take call, but must be able to come to the hospital within 20 minutes.

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