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Q: Is every orthopaedic specialty covered at Summa?

A: Summa has every specialty covered, from oncology to sports medicine, shoulder -- basically all varieties. And we work with the pediatric orthopaedic faculty at Akron Children’s Hospital, so we never have to leave our families.

I’m from Iowa and didn’t know about Akron – but after checking it out, I realized it was a place to get great training and live a good life.

- Andrew Bries, M.D. (PGY III)

Q: Describe the learning experience in the O.R. - and in the Ortho Clinic.

A: The environment at Summa is pretty autonomous. You’re doing neurovascular and tendonous repairs with the guidance of your attending – and that’s pretty unique.

In the Orthopaedic Clinic, you learn to develop your own diagnosis and treatment and how to follow up with patients. It helps once you graduate from the program to be able to do that kind of long term follow-up.

- Daniel Myer, M.D. (PGY II)

Q: What about the program's culture - and the academics?

A: There’s camaraderie at Summa. You’re never on call by yourself and if you’re operating or busy and getting swamped, there’s always somebody to help you out.

Summa has all the advantages of an academic program along with the hands-on learning of a community program. I’m only a 2nd year resident and already got a publication in a journal – and I’m in the OR every week. It’s the ideal blend for a residency program.

- Jovan Laskovski, M.D. (PGY II)

Q: Are you prepared for a fellowship - and is Summa "family friendly?"

A: I’m going into a fellowship in pediatrics, and I’ve been extremely well-prepared at Summa. We get strong operative experience, confidence in the OR, and a lot of clinical experience between our attending’s patients and our own clinic.

Starting my residency with twins was a challenge. But it’s been so good for our family, with friendships between spouses and children and getting together frequently. A measure of the program is how happy the spouses are – and mine has been happy here!

- Travis Murray, M.D. (PGY V)


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