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Massage Services

What's Included?

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest healing arts offering a drug free non-invasive alternative approach to assisting the body in its own natural healing process. 

All of our massage therapists are licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board. 

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Services and Pricing

Relaxation Massage

One of our most popular services, this treatment incorporates light to moderate pressure and Swedish massage techniques to release tension, reduce stress and promote total relaxation.

$65 - 30 minutes

$95 - 60 minutes

$130 - 90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

With this treatment, the heat of smooth stones penetrate deep into the layers of your muscles bringing you complete relaxation.

$120 - 60 minutes

$145 - 90 minutes

Therapeutic Massage

Specialized massage therapy with a focus on treating specific problems. A postural assessment is included as part of the treatment.

$80 - 30 minutes

$110 - 60 minutes

$145 - 90 minutes


Bellabaci Massage is a slow relaxing back massage using cups to help the body detoxify itself. A combination of Deep Tissue and Swedish techniques draw the blood from the arteries to the capillaries. The blood then returns via the veins to be cleansed and the waste disposed of. This method is not an irritant to the skin or body as it draws inflammation out and does not add to it. The use of hands and cups on the body allows for the release of muscle spasms, releases tension and breaks down adhesions. 

$80 - 30 minutes

$110 - 60 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

A focused and more intense massage style used to work deeper tissues to alleviate soreness and promote circulation in areas of stress, tension and chronic pain.

$80 - 30 minutes

$110 - 60 minutes

$145 - 90 minutes

Postural Balancing

An advanced medical massage modality that balances the musculoskeletal system through a series of soft tissue releases that can be done right over your clothing. Balancing your structure will relax your muscles, enhance your flexibility and joint movement, as well as assist in improving your posture allowing you to move efficiently and effectively. A postural assessment is included as part of the treatment.

$110 - 60 minutes

$145 - 90 minutes


Reiki is a type of energy healing that targets the energy fields around the body by using only touch, and sometimes merely the proximity of the healer’s hands, to facilitate unrestricted energy flow throughout the body. This energy promotes balance, peace and relaxation and stimulates the body’s healing energy. Studies have shown some types of touch therapies to be beneficial to patients ranging from premature infants to chronic pain sufferers to cancer patients. 

$90 - 60 minutes

$130 - 90 minutes (Reiki + massage)

Aromatherapy Massage

Alleviate tension and fatigue and invigorate your entire body with this holistic treatment including essential oils.

$115 - 60 minutes

$145 - 90 minutes

Pregnancy & New Mother Massage

Relieve aches and pains, improve circulation and sooth nerves with this gentle and relaxing massage.

$80 - 30 minutes

$110 - 60 minutes

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Located inside Summa Health Wellness Center.

5625 Hudson Drive
Hudson, OH 44236

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