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Patient Stories


Betsey Enberg

Urogynecology Patient

Betsey suffered from pelvic pain and bloating for several years until she was referred to Summa Health. After a successful hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair surgery, she's back to doing what she loves.  


For years, I was suffering with bloating, discomfort and pain in the pelvic floor area. It was just awful. My gastroenterologist referred me to see Dr. Thomas at Summa. She was a urogynecologist. She told me exactly what the problem was. I had the beginnings of prolapse, so the pain was getting so bad I could barely stand up and sit down and then I started to bleed. Dr. Thomas recommended a total hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair. Surgery was very successful beyond my wildest dreams. Dr. Thomas and her team treated me so well. It was just like I was their mother and the home care that I received afterwards was just phenomenal. Now I'm able to do the things I love, spend time with my grandkids. I even walk my dog. Life is good.

Hayley Stumbo

Pelvic Health Patient

Encourages other women with endometriosis not to give up.


Hayley: I suffered with endometriosis and chronic pelvic and abdominal pain for years, it disrupted every aspect of my life. I was unable to eat, drink, walk, work.

My primary OB-GYN sent me to the specialists at Summa Health. That's where I met Dr. Cesta in pelvic health and Dr. Welch in colorectal surgery. They recommended surgery to remove the areas that endometriosis had affected my organs. And in my particular case, a hysterectomy. This was the first team of doctors that I had seen that made me feel so validated and actually had an answer. Dr. Cesta and Dr. Welch, the quality of their care is astounding.

I wake up now with no pain. I went from having no hope to I can do anything. I can live my life. And my advice to women dealing with this would be do not give up. There is definitely hope.


Barb Bungard

Uterine Cancer Patient and MyChart User

Can’t imagine cancer journey without MyChart


Barb: When I first got my diagnosis of uterine cancer at Summa, one of the very first questions that I asked was, do you have MyChart, do you use MyChart? And that is crucial for me, because that's how I like to engage. To be able to know about your lab work, and to be able to ask questions related to your medications, or potential symptoms. It is so important to not have to depend upon a phone call, and the doctor's office and their availability.

Dr. Laskey and her team, Courtney and Eileen at the Cooper Cancer Pavilion have been awesome. They make me feel very comfortable that I can utilize MyChart any time for any reason.

So I never anticipated going down this cancer journey, but I cannot imagine not having MyChart available for me.


Debra Racey

Endometrial cancer survivor is grateful for her care team


Debra: I was experiencing some very heavy vaginal bleeding, so I did some research, and I found Dr. Robin Laskey here at Summa. You just get this overwhelming feeling of this person really, really cares. And I was constantly thanking my lucky stars that I had found her.

She told me that I did have endometrial cancer. It's like your whole world really does fall apart.

Dr. Laskey actually did robotic surgery on me, a total hysterectomy.

There are so many support services here at Cooper Cancer Center, and key amongst them was Dr. Jessica Moeller, who is a psychologist. She was a godsend to me.

If it weren't for those Summa doctors, I wouldn't be here today. I owe them my life. I literally have to pinch myself daily cause I am a cancer survivor. And I have beautiful hair again.


Valerie Esmont

No longer suffering in silence from pelvic pain


Valerie: After suffering for years with pelvic pain, I finally came to the care of Summa Health. Pelvic pain isn't easy to talk about. It's such a rough road and a lonely pain. Luckily Summa Health has the doctors and the physical therapy services that have truly saved my life.

My physical therapist, Amy, is one of the few that specialize in pelvic pain across the country. It's just a joy to go see Amy, and my quality of life has improved to a degree to a level I didn't think was possible.

Now I have two beautiful daughters that I never thought I could have, and they're just, oh my gosh, they just light up my life. I can't think of life without them.

My message for anyone suffering with pelvic pain is that you don't have to suffer in silence, and I'm living proof of that.


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