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Available Technologies

Technology Licensing Opportunities

To learn more about technologies currently available for licensing, email or call 330.375.4045.

Train the Trainer

Responding to Workplace Violence in Healthcare Train-the-trainer and Student Course*

A simulation-based course

Summa’s interdisciplinary team including protective services, nursing, and safety & emergency preparedness worked with the Office of Technology Management to develop an instructor training course for Summa’s Violence: enABLE® Yourself to Respond. Click the below links for information about the enABLE® and Train-the-Trainer courses. 

Learn more or access the Train-the-Trainer course 

Learn more or sign up for Summa's enABLE® course


Responding to Workplace Violence in Healthcare Train-the-trainer and Student Course for Small Businesses*

An activity-based course

Summa’s second instructor trainer and student course is tailored to meet the training needs of smaller organizations. This new course is designed to be taught by a single instructor and covers additional topics crucial to workplace violence response. The course includes student activities designed to practice skills in a low-stress environment. 

Learn more or access the Train-the-trainer Small Businesses Course

*These grant funded courses are licensed to organizations at no cost in accordance with the End User License Agreement available at course access.

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