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Culture and Values

Summa Health is a dynamic organization fully committed to diversity and inclusion. This commitment extends to our patients, our employees, our business and community partners and the communities we serve.

As such, the principles of diversity and inclusion are central to the core values of Summa Health. These values include:

  • Personal and organizational integrity
  • Quality, caring organizational environment
  • Excellence in leadership
  • Valuing one another
  • Individuality
  • Respect and fair treatment
  • Open communications
  • Teamwork
  • Community Service

To fully embrace an environment of diversity and inclusion across our organization, Summa Health leaders developed a Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. This plan focused on integrating practices to advance diversity and inclusion across eight strategic focus areas. These areas include:

  • Employee involvement
  • Education and training
  • Culture and values
  • Community, supplier and customer diversity
  • Communications
  • Recruitment, retention, advancement and career development
  • Performance, accountability and measurement
  • Leadership commitment and involvement

Since its adoption in 2009, our Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan has led to significant achievements and accomplishments in each of these areas.

Additionally, Summa Health’s Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) continues to serve as an influential voice in our organization, by: promoting diversity awareness and education for all employees at all levels of the organization; creating tools and services that help staff provide culturally competent care to patients and families; and incorporating innovative ideas, such as how to effectively recruit, hire and retain excellent employees, in support of Summa Health’s mission.


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